Learn Dance Cardio Routines!

Dance your calories away with our Dance Cardio Workout Routines that are guaranteed to Get You Lit While You Get Fit!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Sessions)

Get a quick intense workout with our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout Sessions that target our Muscle Focus Points.

Our 3 Muscle Focus Points

Focus on toning your:

Your Workout Program

Take a glimpse of what you're workout program entails.

    1. Working, Perking, & Twerking

    2. Before You Get Started!

    3. Next Steps

    1. Stretch With Tay Cheesy

    1. Full Body HIIT Session: "Working"

    2. Upper Body HIIT Session: "Perking"

    3. Lower Body HIIT Session: "Twerking"

    1. Dance Cardio Tutorial: "Level Up"

    2. Dance Cardio Performance: "Level Up"

    3. Dance Cardio Tutorial: "Karaoke"

    4. Dance Cardio Performance: "Karaoke"

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